Our Mission

ECAN’s mission is to save lives by increasing awareness about the link between Heartburn and Cancer, promoting early detection, supporting medical innovation to prevent, detect, treat and cure Esophageal Cancer and link patients and families to compassionate support.

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Our History

ECAN was founded in 2009 by Mindy Mintz Mordecai and an impressive group of dedicated professionals after she lost the father of her two young daughters, and her husband of 14 years, to Esophageal Cancer. Angry and frustrated because she believes that her husband and thousands more like him might never have died had they been aware of the link between Heartburn and Cancer, Mordecai is determined to prevent others from suffering the pain Esophageal Cancer has caused her family.

Support Resources

No organization supports pancreatic cancer patients like PanCAN does. Through our Patient Services, we provide more resources and speak with more patients and caregivers than any other pancreatic cancer organization in the world.

PanCAN provides leading-edge patient resources like Know Your Tumor®, a precision medicine service; our Clinical Trial Finder and access to the most up-to-date and comprehensive pancreatic cancer clinical trial database in the U.S.; and our Patient Registry, a global database of patient information to help advance research and improve patient care.

To learn more about our free, personalized resources and services, visit our website or call us.

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