Our Mission

The mission of FCF is three-fold: find a cure and treatment options, raise awareness of this disease, and connect and support the community of patients with FL-HCC and their families.

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Fibrolamellar Cancer Foundation

Keep On Tuckin'

Keep On Tuckin’ is the expression Tucker and the Davis family adopted to represent his struggle to survive. Now it has become the slogan anchoring his legacy and  a symbol for other fibrolamellar fighters.

Keep on Tuckin’ stands for hope.

Hope that we can help find treatment options that will extend patients’ lives in a quality-of-life way.

Hope that the research we are funding will lead to effective therapies…soon.

Hope that all fibrolamellars have the strength to keep on fighting.

Hope that cure is more than a word!

Our Research

Fibrolamellar received minimal research attention prior to the founding of FCF. Since 2010 FCF has invested nearly $6 million in research, with the goal to accelerate the road to curative therapies. Research has been both in traditional and non-traditional approaches, led by respected M.D.’s and PhD’s who focus on clinical trials, translational, and basic research.

To learn more about our research project visit our website or contact us.

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