Our Mission

My Gut Feeling is a stomach cancer support network for patients, survivors and caregivers. We provide peer-to-peer support and education to people along their cancer journey. Stomach cancer has one of the highest cancer-causing death rates in the world, and yet it is one of the least funded cancers in Canada. Together we can change this! My Gut Feeling brings public awareness and advocacy for stomach cancer, in the hopes of finding ways to help those affected by the disease.

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Our Goals

My Gut Feeling is a stomach cancer support network for patients, survivors and caregivers to provide peer-to-peer support, education, awareness and advocacy as they go through their cancer journey.

  • Support and Awareness

    To dispel misconceptions about stomach cancer. Together we can face the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges associated with stomach cancer.

  • Education

    To provide information on the day to day journey of being diagnosed, living with and surviving stomach cancer.

  • Advocacy

    To improve the quality of life, give a voice to patients and caregivers, and provide peer mentorship based on personal experience with stomach cancer.

Support Resources

Are you a stomach cancer patient, survivor or caregiver? You are not alone!

It is estimated that 3,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with stomach cancer this year. A stomach cancer diagnosis is devastating not only to the patient but also their loved ones.

You may have many questions about your new diagnosis. My Gut Feeling is here to offer support and information about stomach cancer from the time of diagnosis, during treatment and beyond!

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